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Saturday, November 05, 2005
Surrounded by people singing Pocohantus

OMG... so im sitting on the couch, my friends talked me into watching Lion King, and there is a Preview for Pocohantus, " if you cut it down then you will never know" omg......... this is intense, they are acting it out, maybe im over my musical theater day
Deb just reminded me of that movie, field of dreams, where they say "if you build it they will come" over and over, they were talking about how much they liekd the movie, i rmeber my sister and i watching it when we were at her college once, and both hating it, and making fun of it.
My gold fish is sick, that also reminds me of the fact my sister boilded her goldfish becasue she left it on the heater and turned the heat on, i think mine is just insane....
thats my blog... nothign speical, went to a club last night, had a pretty good time, a bouncer liked me :), but thats a whole other storie...

Sam just said " i want to scoop him up and let him suck on my breasts" in refrence to Simba

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Wednesday, November 02, 2005
Why i havent blogged...

So for over a month i didnt have a computer, i spilled water on my computer, yes i am stupid. But i am not as stupid as the company i sent to have it fixed, MacSerivice is horable, they took forever to get back ot me, back ordered the part, and... well jsut sucked, im not sure i wanna talk about it now, but i have my computer, and now all is well.
But... College is good, dance is amazing, hiram is ok, lol... long story, and yeah.... i just did laundry and am going to play the sims till dinner... :)
So, hopefully people will start reading this again, and i will start posting!

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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Well its been a few days since my actuall birthday, but its been busy and Hiram was here.
My birthday was awsome... it started off hanging out with Aaron, Leah and the HUGE party in my suite. (not for me, but it was stull fun). I went outside to call someone sligtly after my birthday and there was a cat sitting waiting by the door, totally a birthday gift for me, Aaron put the cat through my window, a kitten for his kitten he said, lol. Shotrly after Margo kicked it out becasue i guess my little kitten had flees.
I coulndt sleep that night, but was up early to get to boston. I met my parents, and we went shopping around the predenctial center with my brother. I told them i had periced my belly button, they were a little shocked, lol. But its cute... and was my birthday gift to me (juli took me last monday, it hardley hurt and is very cute and like two diamonds there.)
In Boston we went to an AMAZING itallin resturant, where i had lobester ravioli. So great,we thenw ent back to my brothers where i got awsome birthday gifts form my famliy inclduding my fav, which is a Fay Pye's School of the dance 50th annverisary shirt, the first one ever made :).
My parents drove me abck to calrk, and my suite mates had decorated the door. Shortly after i got back we all went out to dinner at applebees. It was fun and they sang happy birthday, then i went to the Choir Ice Cream socail, it was a lot of fun, music ice cream (i coudlnt eat anything more at this point), and good people. Leah got me the coolest pillow, and threw the party. Oh and best of all Ry Ry showed up, he got me a care bear :) so amazingly cute. Then i came back to the suite, where my amazing roomies had decorated the common room, it was awsome, we ended up having 3 cakes (my paretns got one, they got an ice cream one and juli got another) SO MUCH CAKE, we had a great night... and i had a grea birthday, thanks to all :).
Hiram came and got his baby (his bike) fixed, well msotly fixed enough to get it home, he left before my quiz (that i failed, but its gonna be curved so its ok), we had a good time together, did i mention hoe much of a great guy he is, and how much of a drama queen i am, poor guy.
So i m on my way to lunch and then back here to do work, and play the sims with then dance later tonight (i cant wait till dance) im so tired.... i need to take a nap.

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Friday, September 09, 2005
Last Day of Being A Teenager

I Figured i would post, being it my last day of being a teenager.
First of all the last few days have been interesting, kinda. We had our first dance rehersal, i missed the girls so much. I also went to a Red Soxs Game last night with a gorup of girls from clark, i had never been to fenway before, it was pretty awsome even though they lsot. The trip home was longer than the game though, so we got back pretty late.

About my Birthday, i was thinking about it, where was i on my birthday other years:
0- well when i was born i was in England
then i dont really know much about birthdays.... lol....
13- i think this is the year i went to Reid State park with a group of my friends and my dad smashed cake in my face, so nice.
16- well that was the year of 9.11, i ended up getting 3 parties becasue of it. My main party was we rented out the Evening Star Cinema, and watched the Matrix, a bunch of my freinds came, Paul included, it was a great time and i have a photo on my wall of where we ate ice cream after, seemed like i had more friends then, who knows, i just think that was my last real party.
17- Was my senior yearof high school, Honestly, and sadly enough i dont rember what i did...
18- I was at school for my brithday and came home that weekend, my parents shipped me a cake, i was dating Cal
19- last year, well i was home, with Cal, no one here really did anything for my brithday, Oh we went out to eat at applebees....

20 years old... kinda crazy, not sure what to think, im going to boston during the day and here for the night, im sure ill blog about it sometime... lol

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Monday, September 05, 2005
Its been a while...

A lot has happend, honestly i dont remeber the last time i have blogged, Hiram came um.. yeah he hates worcester and has every right, and i dont wanna talk about it at the moment....
I saw the 40 Year Old Virgin last night with the Roomie, it was really really funny, and i loved the random ending, so up my alley.... its a great movie, see it...
My birthday is Sunday, so like days from now, i want to go see the blue man group with my parents but im not sure yet, its kinda confusing.
School is going well, i just tried to teach myself austronmey, i think i just need to do it in small doeses. Everyone but me has tons of work today... so im lucky. I think we may be going to see the red soxs on thursday, which would be pretty cool. Oh and in other news... i finshed decorating the room, i put up my scarfs from spain ( i hardley wear them anyways....) and really cool Beatles and insects posters above the windwos, alos put up the remaining posters in the room, now all we need to do is make the common room look cool. Juli and my walk in closet is amazing... the only draw back to the room is cell reception. Honestly, people smoking has only really bothered me a few times, but the guy was right next to my window, and the noise hasnt been that bad, its suprising, i know. Oh and back to the cell reception, i called T mobile last night, they were VERY VERY NICE, they are having people come to see why i cant get recption and may get me a new phone, or not have me pay the caanelcation fee, eatiehr way my cell phone plan runs out in December, and since i have to open my window to get reception, i think ill probably go to verizon come then... T here is my blog, time to watch the all day Law and Order Marathon........ Love my roomie....Love the Suite!

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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

this morning i was very lucky. First of all i woke up when my roomie was getting ready, then her phone ringed, then they were pounding things outside, the her fiance called (which hardley ever happens in the morning), this was all between 8:30 and 9, so i finally decieded maybe the world was trying to tell me something, and checked the class i had today. Sure enough, the class was at 10:25 and not 1:25, meaning i would of slept through my class. So im happy i listened.
I have slipped into my old habits of napping. I was out oif class by 11:40, and back here where Juli and i made mac and cheese for lunch, and then did some work, well i rember around 2:30 i deiceded to take a break from reading and rest my eyes, i wake up and its 3:30, nice timing. Juli and i are going to target in a few, we made a list but i think im forgetting something...
.. other than that, choir was good, a lot of new memebrs, a few new guys. Then i hung out with Aaron for a while, went and got ice cream with the suite, and then talked to Hiram for a while...

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Saturday, August 27, 2005
Back At Clark

Its hard to belive i am now a junior in college, i feel so young. With my brithday jsut a few weeks away (2 weeks from tomorrow) so much is changing. I moved in wednesday morning, which was really simple, we passed everything through the window into my bastment room. Its very nice, we have a HUGE walk in closet. Its great to be back, i didnt notice how much i missed the people here. Our room is semi decorated but it is a work in progress. Classes are ok, i had to drop my music on ebut i picked up US National Secierty (along with intro to womens studies, astronmy, and research methods which i was already talking). Books were expenisve, but im getting used to that. We bought a couch today for 45 dolalrs for the common room of the suite. It is really nice, but we really havent decorated that room at all yet, or the bathroom. So far, there have been no isseuses of people needing ot shower at the same time, but some people shower at night so it makes it easier. I have seen bascially everyone i want to see so far, with a few exceptions. I hung out last night with Aaron, we had a great talk and he helped me shop. Other people, well lets not get into that.
Anyways... i woudl post pics of my room on here, but would anyone care? thats what i thought... ill post more now that i have settled in.

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